Gap Flats

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   I came over to Vancouver for a couple days to go over footage with Leo Graceffo and see where we sit for an upcoming project. Before sorting through clips, we checked out this covered flat gap as the roads were wet. For not going with any expectations, the spot turned out to be a productive one.

-Luke Connor

Leo Graceffo- Switch Kickflip [o] Connor

Luke Connor- Tre Flip [o] Graceffo

Depart the Arts, Make Way For Skating

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   After a few days of stormy weather, the sun has been shining which means getting in some street skating while we can! Seeing as it's reading break at UVic, we checked out the Art Department to skate the infamous bench. After shooting a sequence of a different trick Matt Gravel did, we shot this Switch Crook and then filmed it in a line after. Although the days are getting closer to frosty, it gives us that much more of a reason to hustle when possible.

-Luke Connor

Matt Gravel- Switch Crook [o] Connor

Men of the Year // Autumn at Veedub

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   Seeing as it's been way too long since I've put something out, I decided to film some of the action going down at the Dub here and there for a couple weeks. After a few days gathering footage for this edit, I present to you Dylan Timmins, myself, Jayden Prescott, Riley Williamson, Trevor Mcdermid, Adam Colborne, Corey Cawdell, Ethan Craig, Drew Copleston and Isaac Walker raking up the leaves at Vic West.
Happy Halloween!

-Luke Connor

Benson's Recovered Drive

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   The homie Benson Wishart from Port Alberni put together this sick edit of unused and lost footy that was recently recovered. Featuring: Sean Hanebury, Aaron Sheare, Benson Wishart, Cheyenne Hehr, Eric Timmins, Dane Pryds, Matt Gravel, Gilbert Turrene, Andrew Walsh, Dan Redmon and Dylan Timmins.

-Luke Connor

Filmed/Edited by Benson Wishart w/ additional filming by Brenton Paupst

Meet Madonna

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   I met Sam Lind at Vic West yesterday while he's in Victoria for the week and shot this stylish Madonna while he was skating the bowl. I've never seen anyone blast Fs Airs out of the extension so high, which you'll be seeing proof of at a later date.


Sam Lind- Madonna [o] Connor

Benches Are For Skating

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   While Leo Graceffo and I were filming at these benches for his 133 Ad a few weeks ago, we shot this Bs Smith Grind that he had filmed in a line previously. Got that nose dipped!
-Luke Connor

Leo Graceffo- Bs Smith Grind [o] Connor

YGT Presents: VICtorious (Leon Breton)

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   Leon Breton asked me if he got enough Spain footage he could have a part in VICtorious. Of course I said yes, and of course Leon delivered. Throw in a few Victoria bangers and you have one hell of a part. I mean look at the kickflip!?

-Luke Connor

Leo Graceffo for OneThirtyThree


Leo Graceffo- Bs Lipslide [o] Connor

   I went to Vancouver a couple weekends ago for work, and managed to get in some good skating time in the time I had there. After filming a wedding for two days, it was refreshing to get out into the streets and do some shooting where I enjoy most.
   Leo Graceffo has been supported by OneThirtyThree in Courtenay for quite some time now, so when it came to his turn for an ad, we got to it and filmed everything in a couple hours. Leo riffled off a handful of tricks in no time, and I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. We hope you enjoy it as well!

-Luke Connor

LEO GRACEFFO FOR ONETHIRTYTHREE from yougotthat! on Vimeo.

Lucas Meggitt for Onethirtythree

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Our homie Lucas Meggitt gets recruited for onethirtythree's latest commercial, coming in with two and a half minutes of ripping and a mind boggling ender Lucas definitely does not disappoint!


Video by: Jean-Marc Poirier  

Kingshit: Spot Shutdown // Onethirtythree

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The Onethirtythree boys hiked into the middle of nowhere for there entry to the Kingshit "spot shutdown" contest, help them win by voting here, good work guys!


The Squad Vol. 1 (Lyrics Skateshop and Studio)

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   Alex Eddy recently took the Lyrics team up island to Nanaimo for a comp last Sunday, as well as making a serious pit stop at Cedar Park. With some solid skating and a bit of antics, this is a good one to watch. Lyrics all day baby!


PICtorious: VICtorious Photo Recap (Trevor Mcdermid/Dan Lintaman)

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This set of photos features tricks in Trevor Mcdermid/Dan Lintaman's split part in VICtorious.

Trevor Mcdermid- Bs Boardslide [o] Connor

Trevor Mcdermid- Crooked Grind to Fakie [o] Connor

Trevor Mcdermid- Fs 5-0 [o] Connor

Trevor Mcdermid- Boardslide to 5-0 bonk [o] Connor

Trevor Mcdermid- Ollie [o] Connor

Lucas Hodges- Bs 180 Nosegrind [o] Connor

Cort Watt- Bs 180 [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Fs 50-50 [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Bs Tailslide [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Bs Boardslide [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Fs Feeble [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Fs Boardslide [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Fs Noseslide [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Hippie Hop [o] Connor

Dan Lintaman- Gap Bs 50-50 [o] Connor

PICtorious: VICtorious Photo Recap (Vic Friends)

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   This set of photos features tricks in the Vic Friends section in VICtorious


Aidan Broe- Hardflip [o] Connor

Brandan Soros- Heelflip [o] Connor

Brantyn Wong- Boardslide to Hurricane [o] Connor

Conlan Killeen- Fs Flip [o] Connor

Dane Pryds- Boardslide [o] Connor

Dane Pryds- Bs 180 [o] Connor

Dane Pryds- Bs 50-50 [o] Connor

Dane Pryds- Crooked Grind Transfer [o] Connor

Dane Pryds- Ollie [o] Connor

Dane Pryds- Ollie [o] Connor

Felix Breault-Cyr- Bs 180 [o] Connor

Felix Breault-Cyr- Fs Flip [o] Connor

Greg Marchese- 180 Sw 5-0 180 [o] Connor

Greg Marchese- Backsmith Pop Out [o] Connor

Greg Marchese- Hardflip [o] Connor

Greg Marchese- Sw Bs Flip [o] Connor

Greg Marchese- Nollie Flip [o] Connor

Jamie Knowles- Nollie Backtail [o] Connor

Jeremy Randall- Fs Pivot [o] Connor

Jeremy Randall- Blunt to Regs [o] Connor

Pierce Mckay- Fs Wallie [o] Connor

Sean Hanebury- Fs 50-50 [o] Connor

Sean Hanebury- Fs 5-0 [o] Connor

Shawn Rowbottom- Noseblunt Yank [o] Connor

PICtorious: VICtorious Photo Recap

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   This set of photos features tricks in Chase Torrie/Cheyenne Hehr's split part, 133 Friends Section, and guest tricks in Matt Gravel's part in VICtorious.

Carter Spinks- Polejam [o] Connor

Chase Torrie- Kickflip Over Rail [o] Connor

Cheyenne Hehr- Sw Frontboard [o] Connor

John Osterlind- Frontboard [o] Connor

Lucas Meggitt- 3 shuv [o] Connor

Lucas Meggitt- No Comply Noseblunt [o] Connor

Eric Timmins- Sw Fs 360 Shuv [o] Connor

Glenn Stevenson- Gap to Fs Feeble [o] Connor