Timmins and Co.

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   Shout out to Reed Timmins for taking 2nd at the Tofino Brew Co. ramp party June 30th, taking 1st at the Tuff City Canada Day comp, as well as becoming the newest addition to the Instrumental Skateboards squad. Big ups! More photos coming soon.

-Luke Connor

Reed Timmins- Layback Frontrock [o] Connor

Quick Compliance

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   I'm writing this at 3:33am, which could mean something, but I don't have time to think about that. I'm bouncing off to Tall Tree Festival tomorrow morning, and whilst doing late night packing I am managing to get a blog post in. I made the trek over to Vancouver this past weekend for Go Skate Day, and amidst all the chaos, shot Leo Graceffo doing some steppin n hoppin with a No Comply Saturday night. I'll have some photos and clips of Go Skate Day up soon. This is all for me, have a good weekend whoever you are!

-Luke Connor

Leo Graceffo- No Comply [o] Connor

Veedub 12

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   ...and here it is. For those who weren't at Vic West on Saturday, this will give you a glimpse into what went down on that fateful day; boards, bangers, and broken bones. Thank you to everyone who made the comp possible for the 12th year in a row.

-Luke Connor

Dyltims Down

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    If you weren't at the 12th annual Veedub comp this past Saturday, then you may be unaware to the amount of gnar and carnage that occured. A considerable amount of people were injured unfortunately, Dylan Timmins included with a broke toe/foot combo. It will be a couple months until Dyl will be back on the board, so hopefully this Bs Powerslide sequence holds you off for a bit. Here's a get-well-soon to everyone who suffered an ailment from the comp. 
   Veedub recap edit coming soon.

-Luke Connor

Forgotten fotos

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I had planned on posting these photos before we put out 365 but due to lots of procrastination and just plain laziness I guess we're here now, few months late but hey a photos a photo and a gifs a gif or rather a sequence of photos stung together by a random dude who asked to shoot Cheyenne's varial heelflip while biking past us at the classic stanley park kicker spot. Not knowing what to expect I was pretty stoked to find this sequence sitting in my mailbox the other day pre made into a gif ready to go, thank you Mr. Brunkow!


Keith Stevenson - Ollie over to Crooks [o] Leo Graceffo

Cheyenne Hehr - Backside Bigspin [o] Leo Graceffo

Cheyenne Hehr - Varial heelflip [o] Ian Brunkow

Bad To the Bone(less)

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   Better late than never, here's a Boneless of Bryn Mckay from our latest film, 365. This is a pretty rad spot out in Sooke that we stopped at on the way to Sombrio for a weekend of camping. Speaking of that, I'll have a little edit of the weekend coming sooner or later.

-Luke Connor

You Got a Friend In Me

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   Sometimes you need a friend to give you a helping hand; even if it's just at the top of a 30+ foot long handrail. While out skating in Langford recently, we drove around Bear Mountain for an hour looking for a spot we never found, eventually ending up at this school on Wishart Road. As you can see below, there is a very big handrail there. Dylan Timmins started eyeing it up, and with the help of Rich Redman at the top, stood up and pushed off for the grind of his life.

-Luke Connor

Dylan Timmins- stand-on 50-50 [o] Connor

90's Alley Way Gangster

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   As mentioned in the previous post, Matt Gravel is on his rub brick and lacquer hustle, bringing some life to previously unused chunks of concrete. Discovering and skating new spots is one of the better feelings in skating, especially in Victoria where construction isn't popping off and new spots hardly ever come around. This is another spot he prepped and proceeded to Nollie Shuv Noseslide like a "90's gangster". If you happen to skate any of these spots, or even if you don't, go buy Matt's pro board so he can continue to invest his own money into fixing up spots.

-Luke Connor

Getting Blunted in Gordo

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   With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, evening sessions are coming out in full force. Matt Gravel has been on a spot-replenishing spree as of late, making spots better than an "Almost Spot" or a "Vic Spot" with his own two hands. Somewhere in Gordon Head, Erik Sorensen takes a Frontblunt to Fakie across this refurbished beauty.


Erik Sorensen- Frontblunt to Fakie [o] Connor

Soota Time!

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    On Friday May 22nd at Wheelies Motorcycles, Cake Supply Co dropped their SS15 clothing line and Carter Spinks premiered his new film, Soota Time. Check out photos from the night here, and keep on scrolling for some photos from the video and the video itself. It's always a good time having the community together for an evening!
-Luke Connor

Matt Gravel- Switch Boardslide [o] Connor

 Rich Redman- Backlip Shuv [o] Connor

 Braeley Wong- Ollie [o] Connor

 Drew Copleston- Bs 50-50 Fs 180 out [o] Connor

Dylan Timmins- Ollie [o] Connor

Carter Spinks- Kickflip [o] Connor

Gerald Goes to SF

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   Concrete Skateboarding has posted up Cake Supply Co's SF edit along with a few photos of the trip, this Wallride by Leon Breton included. Squad up and click the photo below to view the article!

-Luke Connor

 Leon Breton Wallrides while Matt Gravel films [o] Connor

365 Premiere Recap

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   Huge thank you going out to everyone who helped make 365 and the premiere possible! It was a last minute idea to premiere the video at Fernwood, and I was very nervous due to the uncertainty of the situation. Thankfully, everything and everyone came together and the night was a great success. Let this be the first of many premieres to come at Fernwood. Come on down this Saturday, May 23rd from 12-4 for a charity BBQ and the unveiling of a new obstacle. Click here for more details!

-Luke Connor

Get Rich Quick Schemes

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   In what is probably the fastest I've posted a photo after shooting it, here is a quick flick of Rich Redman for you that was shot about 20 minutes ago. Check out Rich and more in Carter Spinks' new film, Soota Time, premiering May 22nd at Wheelies in Rock Bay along with Cake Supply Co's SS15 release. Click here for more info!

-Luke Connor

Rich Redman- Ride On 50-50 [o] Connor

Ju-do You Love

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   If you have ever watched Dylan Timmins skate in person, you are probably well aware that he has a very deep bag of tricks. Fresh off learning Judos a couple days ago, he started blasting them out of the extension with a ninja like kick. Look at that leg!!

Dylan Timmins- Judo [o] Connor

   One of my favorite photos from my trip to Hawaii is this Switch Pop Shuv I shot of Matt Gravel on my Nikon FM2. I always shoot skate photos digital because it's easier to work with the skater in getting the perfect frame, so I'm glad this one worked out in the 2 frames I shot. The simplicity of film and the restraints on how many frames you can shoot is something I am quite fond of, and forces you to nail your lighting and composition as efficiently as possible.

-Luke Connor

Matt Gravel- Switch Pop Shuv [o] Connor

Aloha Brobra! Canadians+1 in Hawaii (Part 4 The Final Broha)

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 Words and Photos by Luke Connor

   With the release of Dan Redmond's Hawaii footage viewable here, and the trip edit by Ethan Craig viewable here, I am left with the Final Broha of my photos to be released. The trip was an amazing experience and I hope to be back in Hawaii in the future with a skateboard under my feet, a camera in one hand and a beer in the other.


Matt Gravel kept mentioning that he wanted to do a Layback Boardslide and this hubba near our hotel seemed like the best choice. He got one with a tic tac, but we were kicked out while going for a second one because we were "breaking the concrete". Next time.

Matt Gravel casually flicks a Fs Halfcab Flip on a ditch day.

After sitting down for a while, Dan Redmond got up as the light was fading and put down this Nollie Hardflip just in the nick of time. This was one of the funnest spots of the trip for sure.

Knock knock. Who's there? Oh just Matt Gravel doing a Switch 180 to Wallride.

Can't decide which manual to do? Do two in one. Caleb Davies switches it up.

Dan Redmond battles the heat and the trick but pulls through in the end for his first clip of the trip.

The first spot we saw on our University of Hawaii Sunday, this was too good to pass up. After finding a way to shimmy onto the roof, Caleb got to business and put down this Blunt 180 moments before a concerned came out to confront the "skateboarders on the roof".

 Matt Gravel gets his Ollie on at Wallows

Caleb Davies takes a Backside 180 over the bush at Wallows

Caleb Davies gets a Frontboard on a bump to bar that we searched hours for one day, only to come back to skate it on the day it tropical poured. Nonetheless, the wet ground didn't phase the boys too much and a couple tricks went down.


Caleb Davies eats rails for breakfast, chomping down on a Lipslide at the first spot of the day

Caleb also has a very nice Ollie, and Ethan films well. This photo captures night skating for me. 

Caleb Davies getting twisted up
 This ledge was an awkward height but Dan has got that pop, resulting in an effortless Switch Kickflip Frontnose

 Dan Redmond sure knows how to wheel and deal. This is one hell of a combo that only required a brief tropical rainstorm to get sliding, riding and landing. 

Late night Switch Bs Nosegrinds from Dan Redmond minutes before the sprinklers went off.

Matt Gravel- No Comply Wallride at the Pipeline Bowl.


 See you again, Hawaii!

Words and Photos by Luke Connor