Firehall Flicks

I've been living in Vic for 4 months now and I've enjoyed every day of it! Lots of good times skating and shooting and I'm sure many more will come. It hypes me up to be surrounded by so many good skaters and having the privilage of being able to document some of the shii that goes down on a daily basis! One person I've been shooting with lately is Dan Lintaman and I enjoy his positive attitude towards skating, makes shooting that much better! This day we checked out a previous spot that we got kicked out of right after setting up, so we bounced off to this backup spot at a firehall in the hopes of getting something. Dan wasn't too sure if this tre flip would go down, but I told him it looked sick and he had to do he did haha. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

                                          Dan Lintaman- tre flip [o] Connor

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