Gettin' Down With Nature Yoo

Concrete is over rated, why skate on smooth hard ground when you can skate a rotten log that is near impossible to pop off? Way more down to earth...Matt Gordon has the right idea. I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into when I went shooting this day, but it turned out better than I thought.. despite getting munched on by mosquitoes. There was some doubt at first whether the log would even hold up to being skated on, but in the end we got what we came for and Matt pulled off this late evening log to log ollie, getttin' that!

Matt Gordon- log to log ollie [o] Connor

We checked out this spot one day after skating the park for a bit. Bush Master Dan wasn't quite sure what to try over the gap so he decided to take the road never travelled and take his manuals to new obstacles...right across the bush. Later spot!

Dan Lintaman- bush wheelie [o] Connor

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