Happy BC Day!

So British Columbia is 140 years old today and I'm going to give out a Happy Birthday shout because I love this Province! Sure it rains from November till May but in the end we have the most beautiful portion of land that provides mild weather, the most amazing scenery and is one of the few places in the world where you can live right along side with nature! Speaking of nature, The Kitsch / Instrumental Second Nature Tour kicks off next weekend in Nanaimo, with stops in Courtenay / Comox and Victoria so hopefully We'll see you guys out there! If you want more info check out this link to facebook right under hurrrr!

Kitsch / Instrumental Skateboards Second Nature Tour

I love skating with Dylan Timmins, hell I love skating with all the Timmins brothers! They're always in a good mood and they kill it on a skateboard. Reed also likes to kill other people in Lacrosse but that's another story. Dylan has the most original style on the board and that's why he's called Stylon and proves it right here with a rare Caveman Lipslide.

Dylan Timmins - Caveman Lipslide        [o]MacLeod
Now for this shot I'm not sure how Luke actually pulled it off. When he first showed me the spot I wasn't sure whether or not to set up cause its janky as fuck. For one the run up is down hill and hella chud, the rail wasn't attached to anything and was just resting against the wall and the rail was rusty as hell. Some how some way Luke managed to land it a couple times due to me being a shitty filmer but in the end everything went down as it should!

- Matt

Luke Connor - Wall 50-50 Up        [o]MacLeod

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