Kids These Days...

All the time I'll be lurking the web or flipping through a magazine and see some kid that looks like he's hardly hit puberty skating like a grown man.. either the kids are figuring everything out way earlier or there's some funky stuff in whatever they be eating. One such example is Courtenay's Shay Sandiford. Shay came down with a couple homies a couple days ago to skate and try and get some photos, and he almost went home empty handed. After touring around Uvic and a previous spot or two, we finally ended up at this dumpster with only 10 minutes to spare before Shay and crew were getting picked up. After some encouragement to just go for it, Shay got down to business and was on like the Energizer bunny and didn't stop until he had landed this switch boardslide 270 out. Kid's got skillllz! YGT!!!

Shay Sandiford- switch boardslide 270 out [o] Connor

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