Kitsch / Instrumental 2nd Nature Tour Extras

2nd Group Shot      [o]MacLeod
I accumulated a huge folder of sequences during the course of the trip and this means there were quite a few left over. Instead of leaving them to sit and collect dust on my hard drive I decided they would be best suited for a good ol' Sunday post! So here's a bunch of good ins' that your eyes haven't scene yet. YGT ALLLLL DAY!!

- Matt

Jamie Collins is the mini ramp master. He's been building these things all over the Island for years and has that shit down to a science. He also knows how to bust huge Frontside Flip Tail Stalls, take notes kids!    [o]MacLeod

There wasn't only skating to feast your eyes upon while chillen at Nanaimo's Paint + Skate. There was also art work from numerous artists from Canada and the U.S. to trip out on for hours.      [o]MacLeod

The ride to Courtenay from Nanaimo was a little bit cramped in Brando's Explorer. Some how we managed to fit 7 of us in his car as well as skateboards, camera bags, luggage, camping gear and Nintendo DS's... Obviously.      [o]MacLeod

This is the sickest 3 stair out ledge! It's just perfect and I love getting a good sesh in on it, unfortunately I forgot my skateboard in Luke's car the day before and wasn't able to skate it or anything thing else at Courtenay's amazing park. Atleast I was able to watch Dermer get down on it with a Halfcab Noseslide 270 Out.       [o]MacLeod

Matt G is an ambi-skater, meaning he can skate switch just as well as he can skate regular. And damn is it a pleasure to watch, especially when hes pulling  Sw Flip Back Tails into banks, one time for ya mind, yeaaa one time!       [o]MacLeod

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