Learn to Fly?

First off, Matt was unable to do his post yesterday so he will be posting tomorrow and also letting you know what he's got in store for Sunday!

I went to Uvic yesterday with Cyrus and Dylan to skate, but it didn't end up being as productive as we had hoped haha. We ended up lurking at the first spot for too long, trying to figure out where to go.. then I tried a trick there and broke my board, so we finally had a reason to leave the spot. Another session of pondering where to go ensued once we got to the car, so we just went to the big 3 block for some reason. Although no bangers got attempted, Dylan got his jetplane on and learned how to carve without a ramp! Did Hto put something special in the new boards?

Dylan Toby- just being a boss [o] Connor

I'm stoked that my homie Leo Graceffo from Courtenay is hopefully moving to Vic for September 1st! He came to town a few days ago to check out some apartments, but we made sure to go shoot before he had to head home. While his girlfriend was waiting in the car, he took care of biz and pulled out a feeble to backtail shuv out on this long flatbar, YGT get someeee!!!!

Leo Graceffo- feeble to backtail shuv out [o] Connor

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