Paint And Skate. If you don't know, now you know.

So if you haven't seen posters tagged on everyone's Facebook profiles, either your not friends with anyone cool or you have A.D.D. and just probably haven't noticed it. So for all those that don't know anything about Paint and Skate I sat down and interviewed one of the events head organizers, Spencer Allen. Spenny happens to be one of my best friends and is a key part in Nanaimo's skate scene. If you've ever been to Nanaimo's Alternative Groove Board Shop in the last couple of years chances are you've met this guy.

Spencer wants YOU, to be at Paint and Skate!    [o]MacLeod
Just before I get to the interview, I'd like to announce that Rigo Gonzalez will have this Sunday's Got It Post. Rigo is a very talented skater / photographer hailing from Nanaimo BC and you'll find out a little about this fine gentleman in a couple of days! And for the hell of it I'll throw in a Cheyenne photo at the end of the post, HOLLA!

- Matt

Matt MacLeod

Spencer Allen

So first off, what is Paint and Skate for those who haven't heard?

Paint and Skate is this two day event in Nanaimo’s downtown on August 6th and 7th its going to be sick! The first day there will be artists rolling in to showcase their art. We have artists from the Island, the city and I think there’s a dude or two up from the States. They will have some of their art set up as well as doing live paintings. Jamie Collins from Instrumental Skateboards is building a mini ramp that Russ Morland (LURK) will be painting on all day. The second day we have the Kitsch Skateboards team, Instrumental Skateboards team, some Altamont team dudes, and Etnies team dudes coming to skate a demo on it. It’s going to be sick, all the homies will be able to skate the mini ramp as well as the public at some times through out the day. There’s going to be live DJ’s all day and a banger after party! There will be a couple best tricks comps on the ramp, as well as tons of free gear for everyone that comes to check it out!

You guys have been working on this event for quite some time, how long did it take to put all of this together?

Dude its been a while, like six months in the making or so and Russ has been thinking about it for even longer! It’s going to pay off though, Paint and Skate is going to be hype. Any time we get all the homies from everywhere together its always a banger time!

Puttin’ in work! I've been getting stoked for this weekend for quite sometime! So where is all of this taking place?

It’s going to be Downtown Nanaimo, in Diana Krall Plaza (right outside the Library). Dude it’s the perfect place, there’s giant TV’s outside that we’ll have videos on, so much room for the bleachers, DJ’s, ramps and art exhibits!

Damn you guys have thought of everything hey! What time can people start showing up the check this out each day?

Russ is smart so between him and I were pretty covered. We’ve also had so much help from everyone its been rad. The event will be running from 10 am to 10 pm both days!

Full 12 hours of sickness that I’m going to get down with.


Yeah, then Sunday night we got The Cliff rented out for a banger after party!

What was the funniest thing about working on this event with Russ?

Dude working with Russ is so rad, I couldn’t ask for a better dude to work with! The funniest thing would be listening to him drunk freestyle singing songs on his guitar, and laying into all the homies! If he sings a song about you, you’re screwed and then stuck with a crappy nickname like tombstone or something.


Is tombstone your nickname?

Nah dude, that’s Evan (Schuhmann’s). I haven’t been roasted yet, although It’s probably coming this weekend.

I cant wait to hear that story. I bet you'll get a good one something that will stick for like generations.

Yeah dude, I have a big nose it’s going to be something to do with that I know it. I’m fucked.


I don’t think that will be it, that’s not very original. People have been making nose jokes for centuries, it’ll be something way more complex!

Yeah that’s true. He’ll make something original for sure. He’s a super good artist and those dudes are always mad creative.

I think its because artists are half mentally insane. Haha just playin’ Russ! But that basically wraps it up, any shout outs you’d like to give?


Yeah dude so many, YGT for sure, Russ Morland, Lurk, Brandon Wells, Jamie Collins, Instrumental, Higher Ground, Kitsch, Nixon, Concyse, Incite, Etnies, Electric Eyewear, Altamont, Underground Skateshop, Lucid, Elephant Room, Perkins, Ironlak, Visual Orgasm, Kali, Reign, Black and Blue Tattoo, Blue Sky Art Supply, DNBIA, 2pops, Benson Wishart and The Cliff Restaurant.

Cheyenne Hehr - Front Blunt    [o]MacLeod

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  1. Wow those are impressive moves. My uncle is a stunt car driver and he recently tried a trick in his car and it didn't turn out too well. Now his car is a mess but he took it to and they fixed it right up. So now he's back to his old tricks and hopefully they work out better.