Paint + Skate Recap

This summer Spencer Allen and I organized Paint + Skate, a show that brought art and skateboarding together in the same realm. We chose Nanaimo as the first recipient of the event and it was received very well. Over 800 people came to witness live painting on a mini ramp, art from local artists, DJ's doing their thing and skateboarders killing it on a ramp painted by LURK. It was a great positive weekend and will be growing into something bigger and better next year. Thanks to all the sponsors of the event but especially Nixon, Altamont, Etnies, Electric, Subaru and 3 Point Motos, Black and Blue tattoo studio, Underground Skateboards, Kitsch Skateboards, Instrumental Skateboards and the Elephant Room. Check the posters for a full list of sponsors. Thanks to all the folks that helped out and all the skate teams that seshed with the locals. Enjoy this video of the event courtesy of Brenton Paupst, special thanks to him.
-Russ Morland aka LURK

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