Rainy Mondays

Well the rain had to come back eventually and damn I'm stoked it came after the weekend! Ramp camp was amazing as usual, and how could it not be with a mini ramp, camping, swimming and all the homies on Sproat Lake. I'm going to try and get Jamie Collins to write up another article about this years event cause he tells it like no other! If you want to check Jamie's write up on it last year check out http://www.instrumentalskateboards.com news feed near the bottom! Here's a sick shot I took of Jamie at this top secret full pipe and let me tell you this shot wasn't easy to get. The full pipe is way smaller than you'd expect and the amount of prep work to make it skateable would astound you. If you also want to see a pivot to fakie from Jamie on it check out Instrumental's "Open House" Interview on Push.ca. Hope you guys all had a sick weekend, Holla!

 - Matt

P.S. Get ready for a new interview on droppin on Instrumental's website very soon!

Jamie Collins - Nosestall Fs Revert     [o]MacLeod

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