Rainy Tuesdays?

I must say the rain has been nice, a forced break from skating and shooting is often what I need just to recharge and catch up on lost sleep. Hopefully it ends soon though so I can get as much shooting in as possible before Old Man Winter strolls through town again.

This evening I was rolling around with Aidan Broe and a few other homies to try and get something before the sun went down. We checked out a few spots downtown, but we eventually made the decision to head to UVic since Aidan had some ideas of stuff he wanted to do there. Aidan had never done a backtail down anything before, so to take it to a wooden handrail is impressive! After getting robbed a few times, he stuck it out and stomped one just in the nick of daylight. YGT!!

Aidan Broe- backtail to fakie [o] Connor

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