We Be Traveling, Mannnn

It feels like Summer has kicked into full effect with warm weather, blue skies and hella traveling happening finally. The last 4 days were spent on Tour with Kitsch and Instrumental hitting spots all over the Island and needless to say it was a blast! You will get a in depth view of it soon when I finish up an article for SBC's website, so keep your eyes open for that! Here's a throw away seq from Matt G while we were on the trip!

Matt Gravel - Warm Up Switch Pole Jam       [o]MacLeod
Tomorrow I'm off to Vancouver with Matt G to stay with my good homie Redmond and have a good ol' time in the city. I'm hyped to see plaza with all its new updates and just be in the city in general! It's the first time visiting there since I moved back to the Island so I'm pretty hyped. Anyways here's one more photo of Cheyenne at the same table spot as last for you to check and now I'm outty cause I've got shit to do. I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets their skate on, Holla!!

- Matt

Cheyenne Hehr - Back Nosegrind       [o]MacLeod

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