Another Wave of Woe

6 months ago Japan was nailed by a tsunami and according to the newspaper in front of me here they were now just hit with a typhoon. Now I don't know if you've seen the documentary The Cove where you see the Japanese just slaughtering massive amounts of dolphins or not, but all these natural disasters hitting them leads me to believe that karma is kicking Japan in the ass.
Enough of current events and on to some skating. I was mindlessly looking through all of my photo folders the other day and happened to stumble upon this shot I took of Redmond from our trip to New York last year. This ledge is huge and somehow Dan shows white men can jump with this Sw Front Nose. This ledge is right beside the East River and I noticed a Chinese man fishing off the pier, and I had top wonder who was gonna eat something out of that disgusting body of water. Desperate times call for desperate measures?

Dan Redmond - Sw Front Nose             [o]MacLeod
  Fuck a tsunami, this sequence of Jamie is what I call a wave of woe! How he managed to power ollie 6 feet into a mini ramp off a sketchy 2x4 beats me. It took a couple good slams before he road away but Jamie does backflips while falling down stairs then walks away without a scratch so a lil slam aint no thang! And just a side note for those who love Diamond Supply gear, Higher Ground is stocked up with new tee's and hoodies, get em while they hot! YGT HOLLA!
- Matt

Jamie Collins - Power Ollie                  [o]MacLeod

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