Back to The School Week

It's still weird for me to go back to school on a Monday instead of work. I guess I much prefer waking up to learn than waking up to construction, so in the end there isn't much for me to complain about! I had an amazing weekend out on the West Coast in Tofino with my homies Evan Schuhmann, Jamie Collins and filmer Jason Picton. It's always sick to get out of town and get into unfamiliar territory and hang with your good friends and make some lasting memories! Anyways I'm going to get back to school work, but before I do I'll leave you with a warm up ollie from D Tims, YGT Allll Dayyyy Errrr Dayyyy!

- Matt

Dylan Timmins - Warm Up Ollie        [o]MacLeod

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One Response to “Back to The School Week”

  1. I was wondering who was gonna hit that first, Hell yeah Stylon!