Back to School...

   While everyone else has recently gone back to school, myself and other skaters have been there all summer! A handful of Uvic trips and seshes at other schools around the Capital Region have been occurring on a regular basis throughout the summer, and why stop now? I went to Uvic with Leon Breton, Leo Graceffo, Corey Cawdell and Andrew Copleston the other day to go shoot and while I didn't learn anything new bookwise, I got to shoot some good tricks and witness just how many girls are there!! It turned out to be a really productive mission!
   This spot is a bit heaty seeing as many windows and vantage points overlook it and we were there in the early afternoon, but we saw the potential for a good photo so we gave it a shot regardless! Leo climbed up, got this tre flip in a few tries, then climbed back down after some firm orders from a teacher. Oh well, got what we wanted!

Leo Graceffo- tre flip [o] Connor

   This spot is extremely hard to skate to say the least. Thankfully Leon has some raw street talent so he was able to pull it, pretty sick I must say! A steep bank to a tight ledge, no easy feat by any means. 

Leon Breton- frontside pivot [o] Connor

   On a side note, check out this park montage my homie Zac Grsic from Ladysmith put together, YGT!


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