Benson Bangers

You know those spots that you look at all your life and say "I wish I could skate that or see someone skate it!" Well Benson made one of my dream spots into reality the other weekend while I was in Port Alberni! This handrail is at Alberni District Secondary School and I would walk by it every day to my lunch chillen spot but never thought I'd see it skated. It has the worst run up, a two inch concrete lip about 3 1/2 feet before it, a wooden curb cut to pop over, chud ass landing and kinda has a gap out to it as well.
When we were chillen at the school looking for spots somehow we noticed that the hand rail that blocked the right side of the rail was magically bent to the ground making a sick thread the needle to gap handrail! It turned out that Benson had always dreamed of skating it as well and made thoughts into reality and got this crazy gap front board! This is one of my favorite photos I've taken this Summer so a huge thanks to Benson for hucking!

Benson Wishart - Gap Front Board     [o]MacLeod

Here's another sequence I have of Benson as well that's been sitting around collecting dust, So I thought why not just have a Bangin Benson post, why cause Benson is one of my favorite people of all time and I've been skating and shooting with him for longer than I can remember! YGT's reppin' PA ALLLLL DAYYY!

 - Matt

Benson Wishart - Pop Shuv     [o]MacLeod

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