Dumpster Diving

   Homeless people and skateboarders are quite alike in the sense that we both get stoked on a good dumpster; difference is, we keep the lid closed. There's a few good dumpsters to skate in Vic, some better than others. This one at Uvic has really good runup, grinds and slides amazing, but moves more than the ocean unless you keep the wheels blocked. Thankfully there was sufficient rocks and pieces of wood around so Drew could get this sick frontblunt!

Andrew Copleston- frontblunt [o] Connor

   This dumpster is not as ideal to say the least. An awkward runup and an early pop make it more difficult to skate than the latter, but Matt G knows how to TCB. He'd been wanting to do this for a while so he was stoked to finally get it done! 


Matt Gravel- switch crook [o] Connor

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