A Few Summer Favorites to Say Goodbye

Summer officially closes down in a couple of days, so to get ready for Fall we decided to pull out a couple of our favorite shots from over the last few months! As it comes to an end we can only hope that we are blessed with better weather next year, and that it won't go by so quickly either. Hope everyone had just as an amazing Summer as we did! YGT HOLLA!

Summer is the time of the year that for skateboarders is more magical than Christmas for a little kid. I was looking forward to this one more than ever before because it was my first time living in a place with lots of good skaters and great spots to skate! It certainly lived up to my expectations as to what I wanted out of Victoria, so special thanks to everyone I have shot photos with over the past 6 months!! You guys are the best!

       Matt Gordon- ollie [o] Connor

I really like how this photo turned out. I had no idea what I was heading out to shoot, all Matt said was "There's this thing that'll make a cool photo", so I just rolled with it haha. Ended up being one of my favorite photos I've ever shot!

Leon Breton- 5-0 [o] Connor

We randomly stumbled upon this spot while looking for a Dollar Giant that turned out to be the office headquarters...they definately didn't have batteries haha. I saw the potential of the window and thought of some ways to make this shot original and thanks to Leon and some dumb luck this photo came to be!

Dylan Toby- backside 50-50 [o] Connor

Although this may not be the best trick, I think it's just a good looking photo with Dylan's bike in the foreground. We went to this spot for a different trick but got kicked out by a cop so we just tried to get something, always down for unique photos!

 I love Summer the most out of every season because it barely ever rains, you have extended hours of sunlight, you can wear t-shirts all day everyday and the fun never seems to end! This year may have had a little more rain that I would have like but in the end it was the most memorable Summer I've ever had with more great times and memories. Thanks to everyone that made this Summer unforgettable! There were so many photos I was stoked it was hard to choose, but here are a couple of my favs!

Drew Copleston - Hubba Ride    [o]MacLeod
Drew made olling onto this hubba and riding it down look way too easy. I'm glad he got this quickly because the sun was slowly going down on this beautiful evening and I didn't want to stick around this spot after dark because rumor has it this castle is haunted. I'm not down with ghosts.

Cheyenne Hehr - Smith Grind            [o]MacLeod
This is one of my favorites because I feel it sums up a Summers day perfectly. Beautiful weather, vibrant summer colors, poked out smith grinds and the most epic face on Ben Knights face as he fears that he wont be able to stop as he gets to the stairs. This was a great day!

Brandan Soros - Frontside Flip Transfer      [o]MacLeod
I love the framing in this photo. I noticed Soros was blasting his fs flips out of the tranny high enough that I could frame him in the sky between the two buildings and I couldn't have asked for a better result! This was the end of the Kitsch / Instrumental Island Tour which was a highlight of my Summer! Good times, good times!

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