Good Ol Mondays

Usually I'm pretty pissed about Mondays because they are the beginning of the week and I'm usually too tired to wake up, but this is not so much the case this semester. Mondays happen to have my classes start later than the rest of the week so I'm able to do a bit more sleeping that usual which starts the week off on a good note!
I've got to jet and get ready for school so I'll leave you guys with some Haslam shots I took with him at Gordon Head park last month when we were out shooting for his welcome to Sitka montage. Haslam is so consistent and smooth on a skateboard its incredible to watch! He is also one of the most down to earth dudes I've met as well. Anyways I'm outty, YGT!!!

- Matt

Chris Haslam - Hurricane over the A Frame     [o]MacLeod

Chris Haslam - Kickflip the Hip     [o]MacLeod 

When kids found out it was him they started whipping out their cells and calling their friends to get the park. A lot of them didn't believe he was there but the ones that did flocked for autographs haha    [o]MacLeod

Haslam with a quick Blunt Flip Fakie     [o]MacLeod

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