Goodbye August, Hello September

I didn't want it to happen but it did... September has officially started. Around this time of the year I always look back over the Summer and say "How the fuck did it go by so fast!" I guess time flies when your having fun? Although the weather was terrible for the first half I still had an amazing Summer that was probably one of my best too!
Eric and myself decided to go out of August in style and try and go get a photo. As we were heading to the spot Eric had been planning to skate we noticed that the truck that is normally parked in front of the Lumber Yard Gap was missing so it was decided to take advantage of this situation and save his other spot for another day. Eric quickly stomped this warm up Sw Heel and actually landed it 3 times. He had a feeling it had ABD (which it was)  so he went on to some next level shit which you'll see lates!

Eric Timmins - Sw Heelflip         [o]MacLeod
While Eric and myself were out shooting, his younger brother Dylon was killing it at Vic West and taking no prisoners. Fabian happened to catch the massacre on his Iphone and has let us show the footy. Get ready to be amazed at what the Amazing Stylon can do in two hours!

- Matt

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