Justin Freeborn's Got That!

Freebs skates, films, hustles, and models? [o] Connor

Luke: Alright let's get this going. With the busy life of being an entrepreneur, it must be tough to find the time to stack up all this amazing footage your notorious of capturing with your Iphone.

Justin Freeborn: Hahaha of course but you always gotta make time to hustle with the boyz!

What made you start filming anyways? You've been making these montages for quite some time now, there must've been something that inspired you to become Filmer Freebs.

Well I got the Iphone 4 last year and noticed guys filming with it a lot on Youtube, I then realized you could pick up a fisheye for it off Ebay. It's just super convenient; film anything anywhere without having  a bulky camera to carry around. Not having to use tapes is also the best when it comes to editing all the footage.

Since you use an Iphone so well, do you think you'll inspire all them VX toting filmers to ditch it and start filming more with their phones? 

Haha well if you already have a VX then obviously stick with that, but for me I don't film too seriously and just like to mess around at the park and make montages for Facebook, so if you have an Iphone and have $30 to spare for a fisheye it's definately the most convenient.

Do you think you'll ever ditch the Iphone and ball out on a better camera? Surely you have a few bills laying around!

Hahaha I wish, I'm just not into it enough to get my money's worth out of a ballin camera. Plus, so many of my friends have sick cameras so if I ever want to use one of theirs I'm sure they'd be into it haha.

I think that should be good homie! Any shout outs?

Haha the 204! None of these montages would happen without those boys.

*Check out Freebs' filming/editing skills in one of his recent iPhone montages here!

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