Labor Day Long Weekend Put In Wooooork!

For the first September in 13 years, I will not be going to school. As easy as school life was, I'm over it and just wanna get on with life and pursue the goals I've set for myself, but not without hard work! Consider it life school haha, and I wanna pass these classes with straight A's!!! With this long weekend coming up, the last one of summer, I'm gonna get my hustle on and get as much done as possible. I wanna be exhausted Monday night, hopefully with a couple handfuls of photos! Until that time comes and you eventually see what happened over the course of the next 3 days, I'll leave you with a switch ollie by Cheyenne over a pre-curb gap with a tricky runup. He rolled away from this the first one he landed on, then proceeded to do it again the next try for footage, that's what I like!! This Sunday I will have a montage courtesy of Freebs, as well as an interview with the man and the legend! YGT GET SOME!!


Cheyenne Hehr- switch ollie [o] Connor

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