Planks and Eggs

Last night I went to the Vic Sightings exhibition after going shooting to check it out and see some homies! After staying for a little bit I decided to go back out shooting with Leo Graceffo, Corey Cawdell and Leon Breton. After trying to get Corey a photo at the museum in which we got kicked out after one try, we saw a random spot that Leo got a dope photo on that you will see later! After locking my keys in my car, Dylon Timmins texted me saying he wanted to come meet up and skate (it was 11:30pm by this time). While waiting for BCAA to come unlock my car, Dylon showed up and started thinking of places to go skate while we chilled. We decided to go check out new double to try and get a photo. While we were skating, someone egged us from up above, almost landing right on my camera! Dylon was going for it and rolled away from this nollie heel in 7 tries and we were out before the eggs kept coming!

Dylon Timmins- nollie heel [o] Connor

Here's a fun picture from last weekend, Matt G coming through with a switch ollie while the homies get their plank and chill on!

Matt Gravel- switch ollie [o] Connor

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