Salmon Fest Weekend, What You Know About That!

If your not from Port Alberni then chances are you don't know about Salmon Fest. Since you've now read the name you basically know everything there is to know, its a festival featuring salmon. Yes, rocket science. Actually it's pretty hype event that's held annually but while I was in PA I actually didn't go to the fest once as skating seemed a little more fun than fish. I had a great weekend skating with the homies and I can't wait to get back there again!! I'll let you see a couple shots from the weekend seeing that I was able to get a bunch, hope all you students are ready to get back to school and enjoyed this Summer the best you could!!

- Matt

Benson Wishart landed a pair of tricks down the ADSS 10 while Timmins was warming up for his. Benson decided to go old school with a boneless and a cannonball!  [o]MacLeod

For such a lil guy Eric Timmins has a lot of pop! He proves that lil white men can jump sometimes if they want to frontnose hip high up rails!       [o]MacLeod

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