Skate Fast or Dylon

Dylan Timmins aka D Tims, Dylon and the Amazing Stylon gets buck. He is always blowing my mind with crazy unique tricks but he also is known to get his huck on as well! This beastly thread the needle, over a wall and into a bank kickflip was the 3rd trick landed at Vic High on this particular Friday. Dylon varial heeled the nine set with ease and decided that wasn't enough for the day. After a warm up ollie he went strait for this kickflip below, and god damn was it steeze! I look at this still and seq over and over, and how can you blame me, shits fucking hype, YGT Boiiiisss!


Dylan Timmins - Kf into Bank     [o]MacLeod

Kf Sequence       [o]MacLeod

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