Skylines and Skyscrapers

   When we first started this blog, I was a little bit worried at first that I would go on a dry streak and wouldn't have content for the site on my post days; I couldn't have been more wrong. I basically have too many photos sitting on my drive that I have some from almost 2 months ago still waiting to be posted. So I figured, why not post more? Starting today I will be posting on Wednesdays as well as Tuesday and Friday, leaving Saturday as the only day every week without a post.
   Here is a photo from a little while ago I had almost forgot about. This ledge is right against the wall, with a curb to ollie up followed by a quick pop onto the ledge. Aidan has been known to surprise me from time to time though, today was no exception. He did this long backside 50-50 pop out first try, and proceeded to do it again 3 more times. Kids...


Aidan Broe- first try backside 50-50 pop out [o] Connor

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