Vic High...again?

   When a new spot gets built everyone flocks to get theirs while they can, especially when it's a near perfect 9 stair. This has led to me going to Vic High quite often the past few weeks to shoot, leading to a fair amount of photos shot at the same spot.. In order to clear these off my computer, I will drop a couple more on you!

   Chase came to Vic to skate the park all day a couple weeks ago, and I wasn't expecting to see him once I was off work and finally got to the park. Needless to say, he was still there so we went off to shoot a photo. He was trying to think of a trick to toss down the stairs and figured a frontside flip could work, and he pulled one out with the death clouds looming!

Chase Torrie- frontside flip [o] Connor

   At the end of a long day of shooting we made our final spot choice of the day to be Vic High while the daylight quickly diminished. Drew landed on this second try and got robbed like a bank many times more! Eventually you get robbed enough and run out of money so the set just let him have it, YGT!!


Andrew Copleston- frontside 360 [o] Connor

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