B-Side Saturday #2

This is my first official post at YGT! Super hyped to be a part of the movement and I'm exited to bring you guys the second episode of  B-Side Saturdays, hollaa! I decided to start this off with some manny pad madness from Corey Cawdell, after banging off a few tricks before this treflip nose manny bigspin Corn proceeded to get two more even crazier tricks after it! Therefore adding this trick to the long lost list of b-roll. After Nico accidentally flung his board into Luke's fisheye a few weeks back we ended up at George Jay flatbars, Nico felt really shitty about murking Luke's lens beyond repair so he made it up to him by buying him a six pack. During the drinking of the beer Luke got down with this long ass front blunt while Nico filmed, luckly my lens didn't get hit this time around. This last clips of Nico at UBC, these rails always seem to be a spot we end up at every time we go out there. Nico had a different trick in mind but due to a bit of rain and some severe mind fucking he couldn't get it, always next time though!  Hope you guys enjoyed my first post here at YGT, remember to get hyped for Dan's park part dropping tomorrow its fuckin sick!!


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