Back In the TO!

I love adventures / vacations because isn't that what life is about? Traveling, meeting new people, having new experiences, seeing new terrain and hell just getting out of your comfort zone! I'm out in Toronto for my gal's birthday and Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more excited about it! It is a much needed break from school and I'm hyped to just relax for a few days!

Here's two shots of Matt G and Soros from the weekend that Instrumental threw a Demo at Jay's / Lace It UP in Port Alberni. It was a damn fun weekend where the whole team was able to meet up skate and just have a good time and skate with the home town skatahs! Anyways I'm out to enjoy this beautiful Fall day, hope everyone is having a good one! YGT, you know all about dat!!!

PS Keep your eyes on Instrumental's website for the drop of Matt's first interview in the next couple days!!!!


Matt Gravel - Sw Front Board             [o]MacLeod
Brandan Soros - With a Smooth Kf Bs Smith        [o]MacLeod

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