Catch the Weekend Hype

Well it's almost the weekend tomorrow so we might as well celebrate by hooking up a bigger than usual weekday post! I'm pretty hyped for tomorrow cause depending on the weather I'm gonna head out with Matt G to Van for a good ol' city weekend and skeet skeet skeet all over that place if Mother Nature permits.

Yesterday was so nice that I had to abort the homework mission and go shoot all afternoon with the Timmin's bro's and Matt G. Damn was it a fun time, we cruised out to Langford where we found out Chili Cheese Nachos are back at Wendy's........... epic just epic. Then it was off to skate some fun spots, here are a couple shots from that adventure!

Dylan Timmins - Drop In, Ollie Manny     [o]MacLeod
Matt Gravel - Dumpster Ride    [o]MacLeod
If you didn't know Dan Lintaman has been filming a Vic West park for the last month or so, now you know! Dan, Luke, Leo have been putting mad work putting this part together and from what I've seen it looks sick as fuck so far! Here's a little promo Luke has put together for you guys to get a glimpse of what it going to be droppin this Sunday the 23rd! Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully you all can also get your skeet on! Y G T!!

- Matt

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