Damn Its Gettin' Cold

As I stepped out my door this morning I hit by an unfamiliar feeling. It was that shocking moment as you walk out the door of your warm  home and Jack Frost bitch smacks you across the face.  I envision Mr. Frost as a French dude with a skinny mustache that slaps you with a glove, challenges you to a duel and runs away thus leaving you standing there wanting to take revenge but you can't cause hes too slick. Don't ask me why but that's what comes to mind.

Hopefully this photo of Luke in a t-shirt last Sunday will help you forget about this cold weather and also gets you hyped for the weekend! Leo is preparing a day montage from last weekend of when himself, Luke, Cheyenne, Corey Cawdell and myself went out for a good old day of skating! That will be our Sunday post so get stoked for his first project to drop! Anyways time for Finance class for me to learn about Future / Present Value of Annuities and other random financial jargon and equations, hope everyone has a great day, You Got That!

- Matt

Luke Connor - Sw Flip        [o]MacLeod

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