A Day In The Streets!

   Due to some issues with YouTube I'm bummed Icouldn't get this post up in time for Sunday but we got it all figured out now, sorry everybody it won't happen again! Anyways I'm super stoked to bring you guys the first of many episodes entitled "A Day In the Streets"! If you ever wondered how YGT gets down in the streets now you know.

   Last Sunday Matt, Luke, Corey, Cheyenne and myself hit the streets to get some shit done an film this episode. The first spot we ended up at was the Imax. Luke and Cheyenne wanted to skate over the dumpster spot but as we were rolling up we spotted a security guard right beside the spot so we decided to roll around back instead. The rail around back is skeeeetch and goes right into a wall an to make it better you have to pop over to avoid landing in a bush, but this didn't stop Luke from givin it a go though. After grinding it a few times Luke encountered a few close calls and decided to call it quits before he ate shit even worse.
   Next spot up was this huge 12 set at the parliament buildings. You would think this spot is a bust but surprisingly it was super chill. This was the second time Cheyenne came to get this massive switch ollie and luckily this time he came out successful even after breaking his board! So far the day was going good, one tight photo and footy to back it up not too bad for the second spot of the day. As we were leaving we noticed this bump to curb across the street but when we got closer we noticed it wasn't much of a bump at all more like a big double sidewalk gap, Luke was down though and fire crackered it in a few tries for fun.
   The last spot of day day ended up at this over the pole spot which is actually really dope. I got stoked to skate it then ate shit hella hard basically putting me back behind the lens, thats alright though I'm always down to film sick tricks! Luke seriously landed on this switch flip like 50 times then broke his board which he set up earlier that day. He ended up landing one he wasn't too stoked on but oh well at least he won the battle in the end!

   Unfortunately the day had to get cut short due to me and Corey having to drive back to Courtney that night but none the less we all had a good time and I feel the day was pretty productive! Beautiful day, two dope photos, Day In the Streets filmed, good times with the homies, that's how YGT gets down in the streets!!

- Leo 

Watch it in 720p HD!

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