The Dude

   When you're out in the streets, you encounter some pretty interesting characters. Whether this be the little old ladies that tell you to be careful, the chongos that tell you to "shred the gnar broooo!", the sketchy as shiii crackheads, or The Dude. The Dude was watching from the sidewalk with his phone out sniping our footy. At first thought to just be a lurker, The Dude turned out to be a GENIOUS!! Not only is he a master filmer, he possesses amazing intellect into how a trick works! So often when a trick hasn't been working for me had I wished The Dude had come along and helped me figure out how to land my trick! If you also have this problem of not being able to land tricks, please watch the following and learn the way!!!

On the photo side of things, here's a long distance switch bluntside that Keith Stevenson pulled off when he was in town on the weekend. He Got That!!!

Keith Stevenson- switch bluntside [o] Connor

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