Everybody's Workin For The Weekend

Sad but true, it seems that everyone is working for the weekend, unless your jobs sick and working is like the weekend then your probably hyped. I personally think that two days off isn't enough time to get everything done that you would like, but three on the other hand would give you a satisfying weekend every week. That extra day would allow you to get so much more time for relaxing and other things you'd like to accomplish. At the end of it your still working more days a week than your playing so I say it's still pretty fair. Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn't care how I think the work week should be shaped, I don't care much for it either.
Dylan has found that fun isn't only for the weekends but also can be had at night. With Jackie Chan like balance he somehow nose mannies the slanted part of this dumpster. Get some Dylon, get some! Hope everyone has a great Monday! YGT!!


Dylan Timmins - Slanted Nose Manny      [o]MacLeod

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