B-Side Saturday #3

   A few weekends ago some Courtenay homies came down for a weekend of shralping and good times! This bump to bar was one of the many spots we hit. Keith wanted to try a different trick but ended up doing this nosegrab tail tap first try for fun and it was pretty fuckin cool! 
   Back on their side of the island we had a dope ghetto spot (r.i.p). Recently some assholes ripped out the ledge ruining Courtenay's only good spot. The ledge we built there was absolutely perfect and with the fear of the spot being destroyed one day everyone did there best to make good use of it and get as much tricks on it as possible before the spot became history. This was one of the first lines i filmed there and its pretty lame so i decided to throw it in this week's episode.
   Last up I got a 50-50 from Glenn Stevenson for you. This isn't really b-roll footy but I didn't think Glenn was using it for anything so why not make this b-side saturday extra bangin? Glenn had done this 50-50 a few time before this, but I really wanted to film and shoot a photo of it so we went back one day to do it again. After being at the spot for about 5 minuets Glenn had already jumped on the rail and actually did it second try! He then did it two more time for the photo and the footy! Thanks for the hustle Glenn!

Tomorrow YGT's dropping the first segment of "A Day In the Streets", so if you ever wondered what a day in the streets is like for YGT then be sure to check back tomorrow to see what goes down!


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