Friends Don't Let Friends Fruitshoe

   Does anyone remember that terrible trend a few years back called "heelies"? Basically some sort of rollerblade/shoe contraption, better known as fruitshoes. Whoever invented those damn things was totally clueless and definately didn't ride a skateboard or they would've realized how riding a skateboard is faster, more convenient, and not near as ridiculous looking. Cheyenne is known to do some heelies from time to time, except they are on 4 wheels and usually switch. This spot is deceivingly hard to skate and is pretty awkward to pop tricks off of. Cheyenne was struggling with this switch heelflip a bit, but when he starts trying a trick he isn't gonna stop trying until he lands it or physically can't do it anymore. After an almost make, Cheyenne popped a solid one, caught it and rode away clean!


Cheyenne Hehr- switch heelflip [o] Connor

**Click photo for larger version!**

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