Long Weekends Are the Best!!

I just had an extra day off work this weekend and man was it much needed. I've been feeling super tired this past week so having an extra morning to sleep in did wonders! A bunch of homies from Courtenay came down for Saturday and Sunday so we got our skate on hard and got super productive! One of the skatahs was Eisei Sugimoto, and they sure make them different in Japan. Eisei will skate anything and everything so having the opportunity to shoot with him was a pleasure! Here's the first photo we shot this weekend. Eisei was gonna go for a different trick but we got kicked out so all we got was this 50-50. This is a pretty high ledge to pop onto with a big drop at the end so I'm stoked nonetheless! Until next time, YGT!!!


Eisei Sugimoto- backside 50-50 [o] Connor

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