Mid Term Madness

I'm currently taking 5 from studying for my last midterm of the semester and damn does it feel nice to be almost done! Unfortunately that means that finals are coming up quickly too but at least they're Christmas holidays after that! Yesterday I was able to get out of the house and finally shoot some skating for a change and was I ever hyped! Cheyenne, Jayden and myself went out to Vic High to screw around and upon arrival we were met by a bunch of the bois and some lil Nanaimo homies. It quickly turned into a fun sesh over this mellow over rail and seemed like a perfect way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon! Anyways back to studying for me but before I bounce here are two seq's from yesterday's fun sesh! Hope you guys had a sick Monday. You know, YGT!!!!

Don't forget to check out Matt Gravel's new interview on Instrumental Skateboards Site by clicking this if you haven't already!!


Eric Timmins - Nollie Full Cab
Leon Breton - Hippy Hop

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