Our Apologies

   As convenient as the internet is, it can be a real pain in the ass at times. Leo was going to have the first episode of YGT: A Day In the Streets posted today, but due to Youtube being a chongo the video won't be   posted until tomorrow. In the meantime I have a couple flicks of Dylan Timmins and Todd Myers for you. ET showed me this spot a few weeks ago when we were skating the benches at Vic West Elementary and a few of the boys were down to skate it. 4 tricks went down this session so here's half of them! Make sure to check back tomorrow and the Day In the Streets Video will definately be up haha. Apologies!


Dylan Timmins- heelflip [o] Connor

Dylan Timmins- heelflip seq [o] Connoe

Todd Myers- kickflip seq [o] Connor

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