Rain Rain Go Away

   You gotta hate when it rains all day and all you can do is watch skate videos wishing you could be out skating! This happened yesterday and I must say I'm not looking forward to this coming Winter. I never seem to remember just how frustrating Winter weather is until it happens and I'm awe struck with how little skating gets done.
   One day Leon and I were sitting at the park Vee Dumbing it trying to think of spots to go skate but nothing was really coming to mind. Leon suddenly remembered this spot just minutes from the park that he thought would make a sick photo. So we hopped in the car, drove to the spot, and got to work. The longer he tried, the higher he got, eventually getting this beauty of a gap to frontside wallride!

Leon Breton- gap to wallride [o] Connor

   Nanaimo homie JT was in town yesterday so we went out to get him a photo regardless of the rain. Being that there aren't many covered spots in Victoria, we weren't left with many options. We checked out this one parkade downtown and it turned out to be what we were looking for. An ollie over the rail with a concrete wall not too far above his head was gravy for JT and with that we were off!


Justin Taron- ollie over and between [o] Connor


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