TGIF...If Only

   Normally when Friday rolls around I'm super hyped since it's almost the weekend, this Friday is an exception though. I gapped out super hard last Friday and thought I had a three day weekend, so I didn't go to work on Monday. Turns out I was supposed to work on Monday so I gotta work on Saturday to make up for lost time, resulting in a one day weekend.. Oh well, it is what it is haha. Supposed to be nice on Sunday so I'll just have to get super productive and get it while I can!!
   Everyone has those tricks they can do super well, and for Dylan Toby it's backsmiths. But when you can do them so steezy and proper, why wouldn't you? I wish I could do backsmiths.. that one eludes me haha. So enjoy this properly executed trick and have a great weekend, YGT!!!!


Dylan Toby- backsmith pop out [o] Connor

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