B-Side Saturday #4

   Wow, It's already been a month since the first b-side Saturday came out!? I for one think they have been a success here at YGT, they get you stoked to see who's out filming plus there super easy to put together. Nothing like some raw footy to get you hyped! B-Side Saturdays aren't all throwaway and warm up clips they can also be clips that are not going towards anything or have no home. Before I get into detail about this weeks episode I just wanted to remind you guys about the Stacy Gabriel interview dropping tomorrow! I'm sure its gonna be hype so be sure to check back tomorrow fo tha shiiit.

   This week we wanted to do a spot theme and it ended up being at Vic High. If you don't already know Vic High recently underwent some construction and in skater favour and they ended up building a gang of skateable shit! Leon starts this episode off with a spot most wouldn't step too. He did this smooth warm up ollie first go then proceeded to blow my mind with a pretty wild trick right after while shouting out "JEEZY" mid trick! Unfortunately they put a railing in front of this 4stair gap making un-skateable.... to most. Luke took a more creative approach and went over an under. There's some pretty good eating shit potential here but Luke just barged it without thinking twice and first landed try to sweeten the deal! I wasn't here for this frontside flip Luke filmed of Chase so I can't tell you guys much about it besides it was steezy, which ya should already know from watching this video, so I'm gonna finish up this post and get to work! Leon, Luke and Chase You Got that!!


Watch it in 720p for HD!

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