B Side Saturday #5

   This spot in James Bay is a lot harder to skate than it looks. The tranny is steep and on top theres only a couple feet of concrete before a drop into the ocean water, so losing your board is quite the possibility. This is the only clip I have of Rich so it's going in here!
   This spot at UVic is hardly ever skateable. You need a key to control the lift on it, but we were fortunate enough to get there while the janitor was taking out the trash. She was down with us skating it so she put it to exactly where we wanted it! Cheyenne took some slams at this spot but he kept at it and ended up getting this frontboard, as well as a smith.
   This clip definately isn't throwaway but seeing as it's the only clip I have of Dane it should go somewhere and not just sit on my computer! With the help of a big rock we were able to bend this polejam to where we wanted it. It's a pretty sketchy polejam but Dane can make his way around a skateboard pretty well so it was no big deal!


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