B-Side Saturday #7

Alright guys im gonna make this quick because im late for work, fuck workin saturdays!! This smith is from awhile back while on a relish filming mission, if you have ever been to this spot you know its harder to skate then it looks but Cheyenne handed this smith grind easily after a few flying boards to locs leg! I rolled up halfway into this seshion and right as i got there Todd landed this kickflip he almost got another trick but this spots alot sketchier then it looks. Manual tricks are just way to easy for corey, i don't get ollie over to nose manny tricks.. well maybe i just don't understand any manny tricks but Corey's just way to damn good at them. This is just a warm up to a even better trick you will see in the near future! TGT!


Watch it in 720p HD!

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