Bric-A-Brac Attack

If you haven't heard via Facebook yet I'll let ya know right now, the 19+ Victoria premiere of Kitsch's full length video Bric-A-Brac is tonight at Incite Screen Printing on Douglas Street! Some of the Kitsch boys are making the trek over from the mainland to kick it and have a hell of a good Thursday night. For more info on the show tonight click on this sentence! A huge thanks to Matt Gravel for getting everything all set up and organized!

Unfortunately the weather isn't so great of the last two days but I guess that is to be expected for this time of the year, lets keep our fingers crossed that it gets better soon! I'm off to class now but before I jet out here's a still from D Tims and the sequence to back that shit up! Hope everyone has a sick day, and see you tonight at the Kitsch Video! And don't forget, Stacy Gabriel's interview will be up this Sunday, You Got That!

Dylan Timmins - Kickflip      [o]MacLeod
Two to Make it True   [o]MacLeod

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