Chicken Boneeee

   For those of you who didn't make it out to the Shake Junt premiere at Sanction on Saturday you definately missed out on free chicken, a dope video and a Courtenay kid slayings in the games of S.K.A.T.E. Shay Sandiford took his age category and Corey Cawdell took his category; Aidan Broe and Dan Lintaman coming second respectively. Shay and Corey took home more than $100 cash each, I know Corey was champagne dreaming that night! Here's a tre flip down the Vic High 9 stair Corey did a few months ago. He did this with no filmer so all we got was the photo, but this was the land yo!!!

Corey Cawdell- tre flip [o] Connor

   Here as well is a photo from a few months ago, compliments of Keith Stevenson. Keith got pop and popping over this trash can was rolled away from in a mere 2 tries. Also, I hear the 2012 SBC Photo Annual is now out, go get that!!!


Keith Stevenson- ollie [o] Connor

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