Extra Long Weekends

I decided it was time for a vacation before 4 weeks of school work overload and skipped out of class today to make a trip to Van City for the weekend! I'm hyped to get to the city and just skate, kick it and not worry about much! Had a sick night with homie's Terell Safadi, J Palms and Caellan Drysdale at Terell's show in Vic where he was opening for Mickey Avalon. Was able to shoot some concert photos for a change so that was sick!

I'm just about to get off the ferry so here's a fun back tail from Drew. I hope everyone has a great weekend and remembers to pay their respects to the soldiers that have served and currently serving in the military to protect our beautiful country. 11 AM tomorrow ma fuckas, You Got That!

- Matt

Andrew Copleston - Back Tail    [o]MacLeod

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