Family Ties

   It's always sick when brothers skate together and kill it at the same time, makes me wish my brother was more into skating haha. Keith and Glenn Stevenson are two brothers from Courtenay who both kill it and skate together all the time. They came down to Vic a few weeks ago with some other homies to skate and they both got some good photos!
   Most people skate this barrier to bench the other way, but Keith has pop so getting over the barrier from the bench is no problem, evidence here with a backsmith pop over.

Keith Stevenson- backsmith pop over [o] Connor

   This flatbar has been skated a lot, but Glenn came through with TTFTB (triple tricks for the boys) with this feeble to 5-0 bs 180 out! I'm off to work now though, have a good day everyone!!


Glenn Stevenson- feeble to 5-0 bs 180 out [o] Connor

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