Headlights and Backtails

   Whenever a skate session ensues when you least expect it always seem to be the funnest. This night Dan Lintaman, Cody Sagmoen, Cort Watt, Lucas Hodges and I were piling out at the Juice Bay watching random YouTube videos talking about going skating. With how the night was going, I wasn't expecting skating to happen. We eventually jetted with just a plan of "going skating somewhere". We ended up at this random parking lot in Esquimalt with nothing but a barrier. There were no lights around, so the boys turned the car headlights on and soul skating ensued. A sign got put onto this barrier to make it more skateable and Cort started trying this sick backtail. As he started getting closer I couldn't sit and watch without documenting, so out came the camera. Cort landed this the first photo I shot, got that quick! Skating ensued until well past midnight and I gotta say that the random times out skating with the homies always remind me why I love skating so much!!!


Cort Watt- backtail [o] Connor

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