B-Side Saturday #6

   Feels like ages since I've done a post here! Guess time goes by slower when the weather sucks and skateboarding has become minimal. Hopefully the snow holds off for a bit longer so we can all squeeze in some last minute tricks before having to resort to undercover flatland and the occasional mini ramp sesh. Don't get me wrong, I love skating flat and a good mini ramp, but in my opinion snow should just stay up at the mountain and let us do our thing in the streets all year round!

   Wojo got switch hardflips down and this quick line at UBC is a pretty good example.. so much steeze! 
   Awhile back I felt crafty so I spent a few days designing and building a slider for my camera and decided to go get some test footy at ghetto spot (R.I.P), was Shay even trying on this frontboard hurricane? Too easy!
   I would never suggest trying to skate the Save-On Memorial Centre when the Victoria Royals are playing, unless you enjoy waiting half an hour while hundreds maybe thousands of drunk fans pour out of the arena. We tried to skate while people were crowding the streets but it just wasn't working so we waited for a bit but then got kicked out just as we were getting set up again. Ace wanted to get another trick here but decided to get this back 50 quickly for a photo before the security guard came back.

   I heard Matt Gravel Whooped a trick the other day, Luke's gonna have the edit up for you guys tomorrow! Can you guess the trick? 


Watch it in 720p HD!

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